Carole's story

Carole's story

It was twenty-something years ago when my PASSION for design and sensitivity to my surroundings was profoundly noticed. After being hospitalized with acute pneumonia for eight days I was compelled to REarrange my regulation, sterile-green hospital room. To this day, I believe it was the black-and-blue-kneed night nurse who, early on day nine, made the call to BlueCross BlueShield, requesting that I be discharged immediately.

In my early fifties, during my twenty-eighth year as an educator, I decided to seek formal training in interior redesign. After earning professional status as an interior redesigner I launched my own business.

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In addition to the service of interior redesign I also stage properties. Sellers benefit from my unique expertise as a professional designer.

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Ever since my youth, when my mother sewed all our clothes, I’ve appreciated color, texture and style. Now as a grown-up, I continue to relish how fabrics can be fashioned into delicious forms.

My handbag craft is dedicated to my mother, Roberta, who often recalled that the night before my birth, she made sure she had finished all the mending.

Mother's strong heart continued to beat until three weeks shy of her 97th birthday.

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