Handcrafted Items

Handcrafted Items

Creating beauty by combining lush texture and color fuels my PASSION as a handbag designer.

I believe that what we choose to carry and stow those, "can't leave home without," items are the best forms of both simplicity and beauty.

Thus, my tote, clutch, wristlet, pillow covers, pouch and portfolio designs are each a delicious pairing of color and texture, created for today's style-conscious woman, often a minimalist who prefers smart eco-friendly alternatives to leather.

Each item is designed and handcrafted in our Chicago studio.

Ever since my youth, when my mother sewed all our clothes, I’ve appreciated color, texture and style. Now as a grown-up, I continue to relish how fabrics can be fashioned into delicious forms.

My handbag craft is dedicated to my mother, Roberta, who often recalled that the night before my birth, she made sure she had finished all the mending.

Mother's strong heart continued to beat until three weeks shy of her 97th birthday.

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photo by Ali Zahid